I recently began my Masters in Design and have decided to theme my project partially around the world of dinosaurs. 


Having begun the design process with the production of a 3D model of a T-rex created in Blender, this was then taken into Zbrush for sculpting. Later stages include coding using Unity and then placing into a virtual and augmented space for interaction.

First initial mock-up of a museum se

Now that the T-rex has been sculpted, I have created a temporary museum environment to see how it looks; looking pretty nice, the next environment will be a more grandiose setting, perhaps something along with the likes of The Natural History Museum or The British Museum.



Final intentions for this model includes rigging for movement (testing can be seen in the short videos on the right) and adding other interactive elements that will be placed around the room so that when viewed in VR (virtual reality) you can walk around a life-size moving model and have both the model interact with the observer, whilst the observer can interact with it.  


Modelling in Blender
Sculpting in Zbrush

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